Riding in a ballon
1st Life Worth Living

The greatest adventure of life,
is life ITSELF..

(Lion King, movie by Walt-Disney)

T i m e
i s   a   B L E S S I N G..

(12 LETTERS on a church clock)

Is a WONDERFUL event,
and it’s…FREE !!


CARVE life
from the WOOD
that you HAVE.

(Old Russian wisdom)

2nd Living, Aware of Being
The great SECRET is
can become CONSCIOUS of itself.


The GLOWWORM would inspire 
as much awe in us 
as the SUN 
if we were`not to such 
an extent DOMINATED by our CONEPT
of weihght and dimension.

(Khalil Gibran, Sand, 42)

that understands our mind.
A secret with which it REFRESHES itself
and under whose influence it DEVELOPS.

(Khalil Gibran, Wings, 24)

Cover the wings of a bird with GOLD
and it will never again
soar up into the sky.

(Rabindranath Tagore, "Birds Gone Astray", 67)

3rd Eternity of Life

There must be a better HEREAFTER,
or else the SUNSET’S GLOW
would not appear so beautiful.

(? author unknown to me)

The past-like the future-
are only FORMS
of the PRESENT.

(Christian Morgenstern)

The world of MATTER,
and everything in it,
is but a DREAM
compared to the AWAKENING
that we call "horror of death".

(Khalil Gibran, idears, 21)

And SINCE  they have not died,
they still LIVE today.

(Fairy tales enchant aoung and old,
a WDR-3 radio broadcast)

4th Life-giving Spirit

The existence of GOD
can only be doubted
by arrogant fools.

(Werner v.Siemens)

It can ONLY be a real SUNday
if you speak to GOD
as though he were a FRIEND.

(Monsignor Erich Läufer, Leverkusen)
WDR," Morning Prayer",May or June 1996)

God is -
only one PRAYER
AWAY from us.

(Referent ?, Lüdenscheid,
"Morning Prayer", WDR, April 1995)

is the LAST word
before we become SILENT.

(Karl Rahner)

Translated by Christiane Plenge
and revised by Joachim Sanner