S t e p s    o f    d e v e l o p m e n t
1. Friends

A friend,
is a man,
who knows you
and still loves you.

(Old saying)

that's like home.

(Kurt Tucholsky)

2. Family

The human being
needs a fellow
in which to find
one´s own ego.

(Martin Buber)

A little
from man to man
is better
than all love
for mankind.

(Richard Dehmel)

3. Love

LOVE is that
bonding force,
which ELEVATES the ego
in the most passionate way
and which offers you POWER
by being in  the company
of a fellow man creature -
you NEVER felt before.

(Eugen Drewermann)

should learn from ALL those,
who learned through LOVE, 
that there are not TWO kingdoms:
one on earth and
one in heaven,

but that there is 
the ONE and only kingdom 
of the SOUL:
FILLED with dreams of
a HEAVENLY poetry of
mercy and KINDNESS.

(Eugen Drewermann)

4. Pro-fession

I am
as necessary in my place,
as an archangel 
in his.

(Cardinal John Henry Newmann)

Who earnestly believes 
in the living God,
also sees dignity and sense
in his own small
share of life.

(Hermann Zeller)

1 - 4
translated by Sebastian Krüger
and revised by Joachim Sanner

5. Work
The wiser and better 
a man is,
the more kindness will observe 
in the mankind. 

(Blaise Pascal)

Who NEVER allows 
somthing to be taken away
from himself
will NEVER GIVE anything
to someone else. 

(Joan Baez, text of a song)

You say: 
Our times are evil and miserable.
Live in a righteous way,
for by living
you CHANGE the time. 


6. Longing
is the lot of the spirit, 
who once saw 
the beauty of God. 

(Basilius the great)

If the eye were not
like the SUN; 
HOW could we see the LIGHT. 

If God´s own power
didn´t live in us;
HOW could something divine
delight us ?


is our heart,
until it will rest 
in YOU. 


7. Life
is among the 
most impressive events 
in our lives. 

(Ladislaus Boros)

that your loneliness 
will be the spure, 
that makes you 
find something,
you can live for
- big enough to die for it.

(Dag Hammarskjöld)

Translated by Tobias Reinholz
an revised by Joachim Sanner